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Eco-friendly Homes And Communities

When it comes to purchasing or building a new home, there are so many options available to today’s buyer it would be impossible to know all the available options. Many today are seeking out eco-friendly homes that help them to meet their ecological goals. Now, there are many types of eco-friendly houses out there. You have people who are living entirely off the grid and whose set-ups are designed significantly different than those who have built an ecologically sound home that is completely tied into the grid. Whether you are simply looking for superior insulation and a portion of one’s energy production done point of use or something more self-sustaining complete with enough space for food production, you certainly aren’t alone. Certain areas of the country have larger pockets of people who are looking for the same thing. In Asheville, eco-friendly houses and sustainable communities are commonly sought after. There are also a number of intentional communities who are creating their own eco-friendly neighborhoods and farms.

For those who are interested in creating a more sustainable lifestyle as part of a community of other like-minded individuals, these intentional communities are an ideal way to do so. While many people think of going in with friends and family in such a project, there are also benefits to doing so with a more diverse group. It is important to learn a great deal about any such group or community before making a commitment, including how they handle all decision-making processes, particularly in the event of a disagreement. Social dynamics in any such group should be governed to a certain extent to ensure a smooth flow of group interactions, without any one person being able to dictate decisions. There are many ways that such communities can be set up- you can join an existing community, or look for a community that is just getting started. For anyone looking to build a home in such a community, it is important that they feel that the larger picture, including the overall the goals and intentions so you may live in a community that is in alignment with their personal goals and values.

So, what are people looking for in eco-friendly homes? The following are a few aspects that will need some thought and consideration by anyone building an eco-friendly house: insulation, building materials, paint, solar power, passive solar water heating, breathability, carbon sinking, geothermal, radiant floor heat, solar gain, water usage (low flush toilets and water flow control showers, etc), energy star appliances, green landscaping, etc. There are so many different building techniques, from hemcrete to earth bag, and the advantages or disadvantages depend on the climate and environment in which you are building. Using experienced eco-builders is important, as is using techniques that are tried and true for the location in which you are building. While there are new techniques coming about frequently, there are also many that are already long-standing and tested in the industry. With so much to choose from it can be difficult to figure out the best way to approach eco-building, but it’s well worth the effort! The best thing you can do is find yourself a builder with eco-building experience, and that you can trust to help guide you through all the choices while educating and advising you on what would work best for your home and situation as well as the region and community in which you will be living.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some features of eco-friendly houses?
    I’m doing a project on advantages of eco-friendly houses and I need help. Can someone give me some features of these houses that are significantly environment-friendly? I already have -

    1. Alternative flooring
    2. Geothermal energy pumps
    3. Alternative hot-water heaters

    Also links would be good. Best answer available.

    • ANSWER:
      Replace all lights with energy efficient light bulbs. Make sure all windows are at least double glazed and has no air infiltration. You can get special window glazing that has high R-values. Made sure exterior doors don’t have air infiltration. Make sure walls and roof are well insulated, if house is raised off ground add insulation below floors. Use renewable materials, low flush toilets, fausets & shower heads. Adding a water less urinal might be a good idea if it will be well used. Roof overhangs can be extended or retrated to let sun light in during the winter and keep it out during the summer. In USA west walls can get very hot helping to heat house during summer. By planting tall trees next to west wall can help shade wall. Consider solar panels and/or wind power. Compost all organics and use it as fertilizer. Use low water landscaping. Consider using grey water for landscape water.

    What are green houses? Is it good to design a green house or eco-friendly houses in tropical climate?
    What i would like to know is the feasibility of a two storeyed green house, and if possible give suitable recommendations for the typical materials also.

    • ANSWER:
      green house gases are a phenomenon of global warming
      its all of the fossil fuels
      that makes the environment into a burial ground

    Why are eco friendly houses made out of mostsly wood?
    I thought eco freindly ment good for the environment

    • ANSWER:
      Wood is 100% renewable and a very good natural insulator. There are no dangerous chemicals used in manufacturing lumber. If forests are planted as fast as they are cut, it is eco-friendly.

    Can anyone recommend websites which have house plans for eco friendly houses?

    • ANSWER:
      Try these –

      Dream Home –

      House Plans –

      All Plans –

    Eco friendly?
    I’m doing a project and I need to know what eco friendly houses have. Links and reasons would help too! Person who tells me the most items an eco friendly gets best answer.


    • ANSWER:
      People who use the swerly light bulbs,compost pile,recycle,conserve paper,water,anything that can be wasted. go to to find out more. also search on google.
      good luck on your project!

    I would like to make some eco-friendly bird houses out of cardboard. Any hints or tips?
    I even thought of making them out of paper mache, I was just curious if anyone has done this before.

    • ANSWER:

    why the eco ( environmental friendly) houses not very popular among the world community?
    is it the initiate cost factor is the main problem?

    • ANSWER:
      There are many areas of the world where they are embraced, they tend to use local materials which are cheaper and more adapted to the environment and have lower usage and maintenance costs.

      When it comes to the American consumer there are 2 issues, we are constantly being told going green is expensive and so we are charged more for something that doesn’t cost more to build. There is also an education gap, eco building takes into account location and orientation of the sun etc. Most builders put the building they want on a plot of land with ascetics being the primary factor then have to compensate for elements like sun and wind. Most architects don’t know how to take advantage of natural light or prevailing winds to keep lighting and climate control costs down.

    What is meant by eco-friendly houses?
    As i am becoming a civil engineer and a green thinker, i want more detail about it.

    • ANSWER:
      reduce reuse recycle needs to be embedded in your thinking
      as well as efficiency, necessity and availability need to be primary concerns in your efforts
      here is a good link to get you started towards ‘knowing’ that eco-friendly can really mean

    do eco friendly houses cost more then uneco friendly houses?
    would buying a eco friendly house cost a lot more than a house that’s made like every other? When i grow up i want a eco friendly house. two reasons i enjoy helping out the planet and i think eco friendly houses actually look nice and are really modern. when i mean eco friendly i mean like a house in this video

    the videos 3:33 minutes.

    how much would a house like that cost in Canada? what are the down points in having an eco friendly house? ( i’m guessing that cost to build it or buy it …..)

    • ANSWER:
      Typically, but you’re helping the environment and taking a stand against pollution. Money will fade away once you pass away from the world but earth will not and the future generations will be there to inherit what we have left them.

    What methods are used in designing an eco friendly house?
    I am doing a design project that requires to be an eco friendly home, i know what eco friendly means, and what it is, just not familiar with what and how to design an eco friendly house.

    • ANSWER:
      I do this for a job, and here’s the methodology.

      First take into account the site. Every site is different, even if they’re the same size and next to each other. Every site will have it’s own strengths and weaknesses based on solar access, wind availability and prevailing direction, soil type, size and shape, views, transport access, surrounding structures and trees, etc.

      Then design the home around those strengths and weaknesses. Just as each site is different so will each house. That design is also influenced by passive solar heating and passive airflow cooling principles.

      That’s the main core of designing an eco friendly house, and so far there’s NO extra cost over a regular house. If you get these first two steps right, the rest is relatively easy.

      Next decide what to build the house out of, and what to use as far as appliances, renewable energy, etc. The budget comes into play here, because the best materials and fittings usually are more expensive. But having said that any extra money spent now will pay for itself many times over during the lifespan of the house. So it’s worth doing as much as you can possibly afford.

      Also take into account toxicities of materials. An Eco house should also be a healthy house, and many materials commonly used in building contain cancerigenes such as formaldehyde.

      Then think outdoors, and design the landscaping around the house to be as productive and complimentary as possible. One of the best ways to eat is straight from your own garden, and with food miles to be taken into account this is even more so now.

      And finally, the last but certainly not least step is to inform the occupiers how to live in the house efficiently. Behaviour can make or break even any environment, and an eco friendly house is no exception.

      Hope that one minute nutshell helps, and I have a link to a self-reliant house I’m currently building if you’d like more info. Feel free to take any ideas from it.

    Which is better buying a house then turn it to eco friendly or have a house build eco friendly?
    We are looking for the better way to have a eco friendly house. We want to be off the grid, refers to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. Which state is the best to live off the grid?

    • ANSWER:
      Take an old inefficient house, tear it down. Then build a new one. I’m not kidding. Stripping and remodeling an old house is a huge challenge. It takes less work to simply build a new house on the old foundation.

      I would suggest buying a small farmette. For an off the grid house you should be looking at having some distance from your neighbors so your electrical generation doesn’t cause complaints. Modest sized windmills tend to be loud. It would take 50 thousand in solar panels for a small family to live off grid. And you should think about a gas or propane powered generator as a backup system.

    How much are new construction eco-friendly houses?
    My husband and I are looking to purchase a home in about five years or so. Next year we’ll both be working full-time, as he is finished his graduate classes, and earning almost 0k per year. We live in the D.C. area and we are thinking about doing a new construction home that is eco-friendly if it is affordable. Otherwise, we’ll just buy an older home and update it as much as possible within our budget.

    We’re trying to figure out how much we should start saving next year in order to purchase such a house. We can’t find any price estimates online for green-home builders like SEED, etc. Right now, we are just breaking even as this is a really expensive area to live in (and we’re not even downtown).

    Does anyone know what we could expect a house to cost? We’d obviously be getting a mortgage, but we want to know how much we’d need to save up for down payment to be able to afford the mortgage.

    This is the kind of house we’re looking at:
    New construction
    1500-2500 sq. feet
    Solar paneling
    Built with recycled/reclaimed materials & lumber
    Solar water heating
    Rain Water Collection
    Energy Efficient Design & Appliances

    Anyone? I know that new home construction in the outer reaches of the D.C. area can be around 0-800 depending how close you are to D.C. I was wondering whether the eco-friendly made it more expensive or actually about the same price?

    • ANSWER:
      You should look at German technoligy.

      You could buy one these homes and have money left over.

      I’m thinking about myself.

      Cheers from DOWNUNDER

    Where is a good place to find info on building an eco- friendly house?
    My husband and I are trying to find out approximently how much it would cost to build an eco friendly house, but I’m not having much luck. Does anyone know where I could find some good info?

    • ANSWER:
      This looks like a pretty good book, and the webpage lists others.

      Talk to several custom home builders. You should be able to find one who has the experience you’re looking for.

      As far as cost goes there’s a famous saying in modifying cars. “Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?” You can do some worthwhile things for very little money, and you’ll surely get your investment back. Super insulation, good windows, high efficiency gas furnace, using recycled materials, etc. Or you can really do a lot to reduce your “footprint” at more cost. Solar power for all your electricity, geothermal heating/cooling system, etc.

    Best roof types for an eco friendly house?
    What Type of roof design is best for an eco friendly house? Would a gable roof be better for the house, or a flat roof, ETC…? And why would it be better?

    • ANSWER:
      less wood required for a flat roof. and you can collect the water that drains off it. it also makes a good place to put solar panels :)

    I’m designing an Eco Friendly house but i havn’t a clue what to do – Know any Websites?
    I need some help, i am thinking of building an Eco friendly house (i wouldn’t be actually building it, i would be designing it) Thing is i don’t have a clu what you need in a house to make it Eco Friendly. I know you need solar pannals but what eles. Is there any website that would help me

    • ANSWER:
      There is loads of information out there – you should start with the basics – orientation of the house where the main spaces are. What kind of energy systems you will want to use and what natural advantages your site has to offer. You should ideally use an architect – as ‘geen’ solutions are popular there are a lot of charlatans around and sticking solar panels wily-nilly on your house may not go down well wiht the planners. You need proper professional advice as building involves spending big money – you still get to design it but your architect will be able to advise you what is workable and what is not.

    What would you put in an eco friendly house?
    I’m doing an assigment for school and I have to create a ‘house of the future’ with all like eco friendly stuff it in.. what would you put in it???!?!?!

    • ANSWER:
      I agree there is too much to type here, but this site will get you started

      you might also look at:
      - lifestyle designs like recycling centers in the home, walk-ability of the neighborhood, proximity to public transportation, clustering with other heated spaces (like apartments that minimize exposure and reduce necessary heating and cooling loads), and using plant material as wind and sun breaks
      - material that the house is MADE of (e.g. straw-bale, cob, rammed earth, exotic recycled composites)
      - energy that the house PRODUCES (e.g. wind, solar, geothermal heat pumps)
      - energy that the house USES (e.g. energy star compliant appliances, super-insulation, passive solar design)
      - managing water that the house USES through water catchment systems/cisterns, greywater systems, and plant cover (to minimize evaporation of adjacent ground and cut down on reflected heat in summer)

      houses of the future are also likely to be much SMALLER, so check out the design ideas of susan susanka or read this quick article:

      google any of these terms and you should have more than enough material to write your report. good luck!

    Building a *green*/eco-friendly house. Where do I start?
    In the next 2-3 years my husband and I want to start building a house. We want to make it ecofriendly. We are planning on installing solar panals, but beyond that we are not sure what our option are. We would like some info on things we can do in the building process to save money and energy. If anyone has any tips/hint/suggestion/advice we would greatly appreciate it. Also, any great website suggesion would be appreciated too. Thanks, Stace

    • ANSWER:

    Do Eco-friendly houses have generators?

    • ANSWER:
      no By definition an eco friendly house has no utilities including sewer system instead they have outhouses.

    What kind of structural materials are best for building an eco-friendly house?
    Things for foundation,framing,and roof structure?

    • ANSWER:
      Use something all natural, like wood or bricks with mortar.

    How to make an eco-friendly house in Istanbul?
    Consider the roof, floor, walls and windows. Which direction should this house face? Will the house generate any of it’s own energy? What electrical appliances are used if I had a house in Istanbul? How can I keep this house cool in summer and warm in winter without using too much energy? Thanks so much, I don’t know much about Istanbul!
    This is for a school project. I’m not actually going to build a house in Istanbul:)

    • ANSWER:
      I really don’t know about an eco house in Istanbul, but I do know about an eco house in general.
      Totally Blunt gave you more detailed information.
      Just bear in mind that
      1. Isolation and structural materials DO play a VERY important role, so pay attention to it and don’t hesitate to ask. Ask about where and how much PVC is used in the house.

      2. Wood is the ‘eco’ friendliest and better in isolation material. Provides a better static (antisismic).

      3. HEAT. Plant deciduous trees (right?) to the North side of your house, they may even reduce 40% energy needs (personal experience, dramatic reduction). Bedrooms and rooms, where you don’t spend much time, better to face this side (northern).
      Best orientation (not sure, sorry) is East.
      A house in the middle of nowhere needs much better isolation and electricity/gas costs to get warmed.

      4. Energy reduction…I’m not an expert in Istanbul, but I guess it’s the same as my place (and everywhere). You can try stoves that burn wood in every room, if you don’t intent to have a big house.

      5. A more realistic and modern idea: put a big modern wood burning stove in your living room (not a fireplace, it burns much more woods and doesn’t get warmed quickly, personal experience). There are beautiful stoves that permitte you to cook/bake if you like. ;-)

      6. Solar panels for warm water, as Totally Blunt said, is a very good option (the installation may not be cheap). Solar energy for electricity is expencive (in my country and other countries at least).

    Any suggestions for building an eco-friendly house?
    I am planning to build a house (about 1400 square feet) that will hopefully be mostly off the power grid. What sorts of non-toxic building materials and (or) viable forms of sustainable energy generating sources for heating, cooling, and lighting a house can you recommend? I already have a cabin in the woods with kerosene lanterns, a fire place, and a wood burning stove.
    Why is that ‘incredible’?

    • ANSWER:
      I think it’s incredible that you’re going to build a green home!

      My main suggestion is to do your research before beginning.

      Rather than listing off a bunch of suggestions, I think it would serve you better to give you a list of resources that you could use as you’re researching ways to make your new home green.

      1. Dwell home–the website of the magazine of the same name, which focuses a great deal on green design.

      2. HGTV–the website of Home and Garden Television. This year, they started an annual Green Home Giveaway. You can go to their website and read all about the finishes and materials that they used to make the home earth-friendly.,,HGTV_30916_5816498,00.html

      3. I will also refer you to a particular post on my own blog, Addicted 2 Decorating. The post is about the new Chamber of Commerce building in my city, which is the first green Chamber of Commerce building in the United States. There are several great ideas you can incorporate into your new home.

    I have to make a eco friendly house and I was wondering what thermal mass was exactly?
    I really need to know what thermal mass is. I know it is a type of heating thing. But I need someone to tell me what it looks like and how it works.

    • ANSWER:
      Thermal mass is a measurement of something’s ability to capture and hold on to heat. In the case of an eco-friendly structures, this could be a >something< that gains heat during the day from sunlight, or perhaps from a shallow geothermal source (those are real), and holds it, and then allows it to be distributed and used throughout your home all day (day and night) for hot water to wash your dishes, or make coffee, wash your clothes, take a bath, even use it as sub-floor heating to keep your feet toasty.

      The higher the thermal mass, the better your >something< will be.

      Thermal mass can also sometimes be used to reference a photovoltaic cell's (solar cell) efficiency and ability to generate electricity.

    Is it cheaper to build a eco friendly house?
    We had a regular house built and I was amazed at the chemicals in everything. I didn’t think we could afford to build a green one. We spent about 250,000 on the house. I already had the land. Could I have built a green house that was a decent size for that price?

    • ANSWER:
      “Green house” and “decent size” should not be used in the same context. Much of the energy we use in our houses is due to the fact that they are much larger than we really need.

      Here is an example of affordable green housing:

      These houses cost 40-50% more to build, but they save that and more over their lifetime.

      All of the concepts used in that house could be used in any new house, regardless of price. But the first principle in saving energy is to think small.


    How do I make a sustainable/eco-friendly house?
    For my school project, I need to design a house (with gardens and insides – such as low energy lightbulbs etc.) and I need some ideas to make it the most ecofriendly and sustainable house possible.
    It’s a round house (which keeps the heat in) with a thatched roof.
    Can anyone suggest anything else?

    Any help will be much appretiated!
    Lisa.Rr x

    • ANSWER:
      Round house is good as it encloses max floor space for least external wall – make it out of heavy materials with high thermal mass (rocks, adobe etc), or super insulate with sheeps wool or strawbale and clay plaster. Have your glazing on the south side and shelter your house from the north. Catch all the water you can and use that for the loo etc. Avoid using concrete if you can and get all your reeds/timber etc from managed sources. Use wind and solar power and groundsource heating or bio fuels – grow your own of those too. Grow your own veggies and compost/recycle waste.

      Look at developments like BedZed in London – carbon neutral developements which should give you plenty of ideas.

    What is the best, most eco friendly housing insulation?

    • ANSWER:
      Cellulose insulation is probably the best b/c you can add enough to get a higher R rating. The following link discusses it a bit more.

    How can I make a model of an Eco-Friendly house?
    It’s part of my IB personal project. How would I make a model?
    By model, I mean an actual miniature Eco-Friendly house.
    I found a computer program(link is below), can I make a model using that?

    • ANSWER:
      chop trees down, then stack them like Lincoln Logs. when you move out of your 100% naturific house, termites will turn it into poo =D and they’ll love it!

    What type of things would i have for a eco friendly house (living in bribane)?
    Like wat should the postion of the house be (for brisbane?
    Wat type of material shopuld b used for the walls, floors, and roof?
    Wat type of plants should i have (4 bris.)?
    Wat special design features should b used?
    Surrondings of the home?
    that type of stuff

    • ANSWER:
      you could grow grass on your roof!

      you should use windows that prevent heat loss and conserve energy, or plant big trees in the yard to block sunlight from overheating your house. Cutting back on energy = eco happy.

      dont forget to recycle, use those pricey lightbulbs and take your own bags to the grocery store. :)

    I want to build a “green” or eco friendly house, where should i build it?
    I can build it anywhere in the US. It needs to be suitable for solar panels and windpower. Where is the best place to do this?
    Thanks in advance! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Most of the US states are capable of getting enough wind to generate electricity as much to meet the power needs of a house hold.

      One of my friend runs solar energy at his home. It generates 7 KW energy everyday. He uses 5 KW on average maximum. So 2 KW is bought by the company and the company pays him extra amount.

      There are various support groups on the internet where you can find more info on where solar and wind energy is more popular.

      Otherwise on a general basis, wind energy works almost anywhere so does solar energy.

    How Much does it cost to build an ECO Friendly house?
    In Connecticut…

    • ANSWER:
      depends on the size, but a little more than regular construction “in Connecticut”.

    What are some Eco Friendly house installations? And how much do they cost?
    I’m doing an architect project for school and i need to know some GREEN INSTALLATIONS for a house and the cost, what are some?
    it’s only part of it. i couldn’t find anything anywhere.!

    • ANSWER:
      One of the best eco freindly installations for a house is used or recycled product. Say wood from an old barn. Now the price can vary as you either have to collect it yourself or pay someone to collect it and refinish it. But I have recently saw some for around per square foot.

    can anybody help me in finding most economical and eco friendly farm house with solar power units..?
    like village bound materials which are cheap and intend to be used for unique farm house proposed at my town in an area of 7000sq.meters with solar power,eco friendly garden …etc.

    • ANSWER:
      no idea

    show me a oak and glass framed eco friendly house design in thailand?

    • ANSWER:
      Not in Thailand but this design is very eco-friendly and energy efficient…..

    Eco friendly appliances and houses?
    For class tomorrow I have to talk about this subject but I also have to bring in a visual aid. What can I bring in that represents and green house or appliance?

    • ANSWER:
      Too late for your class but you could bring in a picture of an attached solar greenhouse:

    I am interested in an eco-friendly house, possibly a shipping container.?
    I became interested in this idea when visiting the shelburne museam in VT. Does anybody know of any companies in VT that could help me plan some sort of a steel structure for my home? I like the “raw loft” feel of one huge room.

    • ANSWER:
      Good luck.
      In spite of all the “green” talk from everyone and the government, the fact is there are so many regulations & housing codes & taxes (mostly from shady back-room deals between unions & politicians – usually the Democrats, who favor labor unions), that it’s very difficult to do anything creative and inexpensive and “get away with it” (that’s how they treat it – almost criminally).
      I’ve thought the same thing; you can buy those containers that you see on trains for transport, and it would be cool to make a home out of a couple.
      There’s an old restaurant in my area that has several of these put together. Really cool.
      They won’t let you do it anymore though. Too many regulations, requirements, codes, etc., even though they’re obviously safe.

      I have design ideas for TRULY affordable, super-insulated, and quick to build housing, and the roadblocks that are in place in government are just unbelievable.
      Basically the government takes such a huge price from you in the form of building permits, fees, engineering requirements, that it’s not worth it to try to build cheap housing. If you try to take advantage of these so called “incentives” to build affordable housing, the government makes you pay all your help prevailing wages, which means; union wages. This forces your costs up.
      Absurd, isn’t it?
      The government insists on getting their cut, and they don’t get as much from cheap houses as they expensive houses, so all the hurdles are there to make a loss to you if you try to build cheap.

    how do i get an eco friendly house?
    i have heard if you get an eco friendly house there is government and state programs that help. i want a house that has it all, solar panels, isolation, bamboo floors. and i was wondering the steps i take. because i wanted to get into a house withing the next 5 years

    • ANSWER:
      If you have the money, you can hire a green architect to design a custom home with exactly what you want.

      Otherwise, you’ll have to get a used home like most of us, as eco-friendly as you can find, and fix it up if you can. Yes, there are tax credits for adding insulation, solar panels, and energy efficiency in general.

    I am interested in learning more about Eco-Friendly Construction.?
    Is there something I could study in school to learn more about this? I would like to build Eco-Friendly houses.

    • ANSWER:
      A quick search on the net and i found a BSc Hons at Plymouth University (UK) about Environmental Construction Surveying
      link below

      hope this helps,
      I have not done this course so i dont know exactly what it is like but it sounds very similar to what you said you were interested in.

    Designing an eco friendly house for science?
    By this i mean solar panels, compost bin ect- but i really need help. Im in year 9 so please please give me some ideas ? xxxx

    • ANSWER:
      I think this will really help you, it has pictures too.

    How do you describe an eco-friendly house?

    • ANSWER:
      A home which has very little immediate or lasting impact on the surrounding environment. This is most commonly achieved through more efficient use and retention of renewable energy (solar, wind, compressed air, etc.)

    I need to make a house of the future (an eco- friendly house)?
    Kay, Well as said above ^^^^ I need to make an eco- friendly house

    I already have
    -solar panels
    -tube gutter system
    -rain barrel
    -white roof
    -garden on roof
    -tube skylights
    -insulation using newspapers
    -recycled brick(outside walls)
    -recycled rock(driveway)
    - a sun room

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what i could use, or had a website that I could go to to get some Ideas.Thanks evryone! :D

    • ANSWER:
      parking area,swimming pool

    How can I make my house eco friendly?

    • ANSWER:
      I live to answer this kind of question! Start by putting in compact florescent light bulbs. When you re-roof, (increase your home owners insurance) use wood shingles or shakes. Put in as much insulation into your roof/attic as you possibly can (with the proper ventilation of course). Insulate your walls with soy based foam insulation. Put in an ‘earth pipe’ if possible. (google “earth pipe”) Use window shades to cut your cooling costs. Put in a whole house fan. Use organically based paints. Buy carpet made from recycled materials. Insulate your water heater and hot water pipes. Invest in photovoltaic panels. Build a bat house. Install low water toilets or get composting toilets. Compost as much household waste as possible. zeroscape your lawn to eliminate the need for watering. grow deciduous trees on the south side of your house (without blocking the sun from your panels). Grow evergreens on the north. Get a good book on the subject. I could go on and on here but, as I’ve already given you three months work and spent all of your money, I’ll quit. Thank you for doing the right thing.

    What are the best ways to turn my regular house into a more eco-friendly green house?
    I have baseboard hot water heat, and a gas-powered hot water tank. No central air… just window units in the bedrooms. I have a fireplace, but don’t use it much. I live in cold New England. Lots of trees around the house.

    I just want to go green, but I don’t want to move. What can I do without spending too, too much money?

    • ANSWER:
      going green is a large term many companies use today and it used to widely, mostly for profit. but that does not mean the little people cant go and do a little green them selves. just short of rebuilding a house, you can help by recycling all paper and plastics and glass etc…. then start reducing the amount of electricity you use by using a digital A/C thermostat, change your bulbs from incandescent to compact florescent bulbs (home depot, Lowe’s) (remember to check your local trash company for disposal when they burn out)bad for environment but cheap to use, check your electric company web sites, they usually have great tips on how to reduce power in your home. start using paper bags at the grocery store instead of plastic. all of the things i listed are cheap to start and very inexpensive to do…… going green is not always changing all of the products in house but adjust to help the environment, that alone is going green…
      hope this has help you!!!!

    What she you include in an eco – friendly house project?
    Give some links to internet pages please

    • ANSWER:
      Loads of links – don’t you have Google? Try this, adn follow the links – especially for more info about Bill Dunster.

      What you should be looking for are solutions which minimise energy consumption, have zero carbon implications, and use materials and enegy from sustainable sources.

    I am making a eco-friendly house for a science project and I need small kitchen supplies where can I buy them?
    I need like a small fridge;sink;cabinets;etc…but I don’t know where to find them

    • ANSWER:
      Hobby Lobby carries a complete line of doll house size furniture and supplies

    Would you buy an eco-friendly house that used roadkill as insulation ?

    • ANSWER:
      After seeing your avatar I think I need a therapist. No I wouldn’t use roadkill as insulation because in the summer it would smell like a gentleman’s club.

    Would you want to live in an eco-friendly subdivision?
    Would you pay more for houses that are eco-friendly, energy and water efficient and made of natural or recycled materials?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes I would like to live in an echo friendly subdivision, provided the cost difference is not prohibitive-10% extra cost for a house max.

    Why does Bush have an eco-friendly house and Al Gore’s is a huge waste of energy?

    Seems the global warming fear monger would rather talk then lead by example.

    • ANSWER:
      Gore made his money fleecing the sheep so he doesn’t care.

    What are those Eco-Friendly toilets called? 10 Points Best Answer! =P?
    What are those Eco-Friendly toilets called again?

    Where all your waist turns into fertilizer. im making a eco friendly house(4 School Project.) and im making a paper about all the eco stuff in this house so please help !!!! :) 10 POINTS 4 BEST ANSWER!

    • ANSWER:
      Compostable toilet, bit of a stretch for me (I do however collect rainwater and use it to flush my toilets) but here is a good site that explains and has several links about them.

    why corporate houses turning eco friendly?
    corporate house

    • ANSWER:
      Your question is not clear. Please eleaborate.

    Compare Eco-friendly house with normal?
    I would like a nice description of the difference between Eco-friendly and normal house… woah I sound demanding but still advantages and disadvantage would be nice too!
    Thanks beforehand :)

    • ANSWER:
      My own opinion is that ecofriendly house would be crappy and expensive. Regular house would accomodate your every need and be economical.

    Please help me to find a eco friendly house lay out ( Floor plan )?
    I want to use the natural light and rain water Storage. I’m planing my home in Sri Lanka. My birth place

    • ANSWER:
      i saw a wonderful house in ‘permaculture magazine’ but its not on-line. here’s the short description i found;

      ” Instead of expensive air conditioning and other western technologies, they designed and built a cool house. Through draughts for permanent, free air-flows are created by using inexpensive air blocks instead of glass windows in the walls where the rain does not fall, and there are no windows at all in the very hot areas at the east and west of the house. A pond catches the roof water, which becomes their air conditioner when they open the windows when it is hot. They have solar water heaters, too.”

      you might also search on ‘passive house tropical’