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Eco-Friendly Building Materials

As eco-friendly homes slowly becoming more popular, it is beneficial for home buyers to have the ability to make out quality home construction materials for them. Carrying this information, you can make vital decisions between one house and another based on how carefully construction considered the value of preserving the environment. You can also make out which properties will save your resources when in comes to fuel costs and maintenance. And if you think of building more establishments or extensions to your house, you will know how to start the procedure with sturdy materials in mind.

Just what comprises a durable construction material for the houses you are looking at will according to your geographical location? Ideally, these materials must be offered to lessen the negative impact of transportation to the environment. They must come from renewable sources, such as major forest plantations, and the processing and manufacturing involved in preparing them to be used for construction must be efficient and non-toxic. They should also be made that will last for a long time, minimizing the necessity to repair or replace.

High quality durable building materials are not just good for the environment; they are also advantageous to the owner. In order for the owner to maximize their endurance, they must be water resistant, which will get rid of the growth of mold and rot. These things are perilous to your health. By using eco-friendly construction materials like wood or stone will free you from worrying about the toxic and carcinogenic residues that are usually given off by some plastic-based building materials and asbestos. If your builders decided to use recycled or reclaimed materials when the construction of your house takes place, try to use air-monitoring device to check the quality of interior air and make sure that there will be no problems later on. For most contractors, these tests are basic on eco-friendly homes, making the most preferred choice over regular houses. And most of these materials are made with easy-to-clean features so that you will no longer have to use concentrated chemical cleaning detergents, which can possibly harm you as well as your environment.

However, since this establishment is becoming modern, there are now manufacturers who purposely come up with false claims that their products are all friendly to the environment. Hence, if you will be looking for a house, it is wise to make sure that they are certified true and reliable. An independent third party should be responsible for this task, supervising the process from manufacturing until the materials arrive in the store. This is very important for eco-friendly materials and also for recycled materials.

As soon as you begin looking into green construction materials, you will know that there are heaps of attractive options available, counting regular cedar or stone, flexible but very sturdy bamboo or cork with cavity filling based on wool giving a big efficient substitute for standard insulating materials and linoleum or terracotta tilling which are perfect for floors. Materials like these can be used to make a house that is friendly to the nature, ideal for your family, cheap to run and very modern. You will absolutely love the result.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find plans for eco-friendly building?
    I want to build a “treehouse” that is as environmentally friendly as possible in a tropical region and want practical suggestions, building plans, etc. .. to do so. What are some good websites or places I can get this info?

    • ANSWER:
      If you’re building a tree out make sure to use the proper materials to make it green. Like bamboo, eco-friendly hardwood etc. try this link and find out what materials you can build your tree house with the be helpful in recycling and sustainability. the material is key in this project and make sure it is “climate friendly wood” because some materials can warp and be damaged form the weather… check out the link and you’ll figure out what type of material to use …

    eco friendly building materials price comparison with regular building materials?
    Are eco friendly ones more expensive? If so can anyone give me a website to see how much they are..any building materials, i just need to know if they are more expensive.

    • ANSWER:
      Anything that has, “Art”, “Marine”, “Organic”, or “Eco Friendly” on the label or sign is going to cost more than if it didn’t. The main reason is the law of supply and demand. When more consumers demand something, more manufacturers get involved in meeting it, and competition usually helps lower prices. It also has a lot to do with the cost of manufacturing many eco friendly products because the raw materials may be more expensive to produce, are more rare, or are recycled which can add significantly to the cost. It isn’t always the case, but often is. As we end users demand better, safer, less harmful stuff, the less it will cost because there will be more manufacturers willing to meet the demand. Economy of scale says that the more you make of something, the less it costs you to produce. Light bulbs, tissue paper, and pencils should cost a fortune, but because they are manufactured on such a massive scale, they can be sold to the consumer at a relatively low price. All of those, by the way, have green alternatives, but they cost more at this time, but the gap is shrinking.

      Think of when cell phones, computers, or compact fluorescent light bulbs first came on the market. Remember how expensive all that stuff was until a bunch of companies started making and improving them. I’m sure other eco friendly materials will follow as we demand it and companies see the increased opportunities. Some things might still be more expensive than their disposable, petroleum based counterparts, but the difference will get smaller.

      Put “green building materials” in your search engine and you’ll see a million websites devoted to the cause. It’s a rapidly growing segment of the market and hopefully will continue in tough economic conditions.

    do you know a green or eco-friendly building that is built in the philippines?
    i am thinking of proposing one, a residential-commercial development, but not for real, just for academic purposes only

    • ANSWER:
      “High-tech buildings use sunlight, sea water to save energy: ….. If this interests you, see this past post about The Robert Redford Building.”

      “Rain flushes toilets at Robert Redford building: This is almost anti-geek, but still very cool. There’s a lot of…technology (?) in this building. Well, maybe not technology, but a lot of thought went into building it. The building’s exterior appears to be wood but is made of a fiber…”

    Where is a good place to find info on building an eco- friendly house?
    My husband and I are trying to find out approximently how much it would cost to build an eco friendly house, but I’m not having much luck. Does anyone know where I could find some good info?

    • ANSWER:
      This looks like a pretty good book, and the webpage lists others.

      Talk to several custom home builders. You should be able to find one who has the experience you’re looking for.

      As far as cost goes there’s a famous saying in modifying cars. “Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?” You can do some worthwhile things for very little money, and you’ll surely get your investment back. Super insulation, good windows, high efficiency gas furnace, using recycled materials, etc. Or you can really do a lot to reduce your “footprint” at more cost. Solar power for all your electricity, geothermal heating/cooling system, etc.

    Is mud and dung the eco friendly building technology of the future. ?
    If it is, we got enough here in Suffolk to save this planet and all the others orbiting Sol.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds cozy and scrumptious.
      Chuck another log in the fire, amor.

    I have heard people say that bamboo is a very eco friendly building material. Is that correct and how?
    I want to explore eco friendly alternatives to wood for making the floor and ceiling of my house. Will bamboo be good for that? Is it really eco friendly?

    • ANSWER:
      Bamboo is extremely hard but it is also thin, so that it is not good for weight bearing, it is also round and hard to manage.
      Unless you are planning on building a hut on the beach in Tahiti.

    Im interested in building eco friendly. whats a good major?
    I have become very interested in sustainable building. I would love to convert my dads construction company into a “green” company but i want to learn as much about it as possible first. are there any recommended books on the subject? what would be the best major for this? anything that you feel i will find interesting is greatly appreciated. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      still civil engineering and u just have to read books about it

    How are Eco-Friendly building materials easily renewed?

    • ANSWER:
      any building material which is recycled, reused is eco-friendly. eg whe u demolish an old bldg – crush the concrete and use it again – it becomes eco-friendly. many of these things can be reused – hence we reduce use of new products as much as possible. wood, timber etc can be used as frames, doors, windows etc. its best to use artificial / man made material rather than natural ones like timber

    Green, Eco-friendly building materials?
    what are interesting recyclable building materials? I mean roofing and walls and inslation, floors and windows. I’ve seen straw bale housing and beer can roofing, but i’m looking for something crazy, like carpeting made out of old swetars from thrift shops or something along those lines, something really out in left field…

    • ANSWER:
      do you want recylclable or recycled content? There’s an insulation made from recycled denim jeans. Alot of carpeting now is made from recycled soda bottles. Some carpeting companies will “lease” the carpeting, meaning you don’t technically own it, once you are finished with it they will take it back and recycle it (this is probably more for commercial use though).
      Check out the US Green Building Council’s website, they have resources there that could provide you with plenty of info.

    Any suggestions for building an eco-friendly house?
    I am planning to build a house (about 1400 square feet) that will hopefully be mostly off the power grid. What sorts of non-toxic building materials and (or) viable forms of sustainable energy generating sources for heating, cooling, and lighting a house can you recommend? I already have a cabin in the woods with kerosene lanterns, a fire place, and a wood burning stove.
    Why is that ‘incredible’?

    • ANSWER:
      I think it’s incredible that you’re going to build a green home!

      My main suggestion is to do your research before beginning.

      Rather than listing off a bunch of suggestions, I think it would serve you better to give you a list of resources that you could use as you’re researching ways to make your new home green.

      1. Dwell home–the website of the magazine of the same name, which focuses a great deal on green design.

      2. HGTV–the website of Home and Garden Television. This year, they started an annual Green Home Giveaway. You can go to their website and read all about the finishes and materials that they used to make the home earth-friendly.,,HGTV_30916_5816498,00.html

      3. I will also refer you to a particular post on my own blog, Addicted 2 Decorating. The post is about the new Chamber of Commerce building in my city, which is the first green Chamber of Commerce building in the United States. There are several great ideas you can incorporate into your new home.

    need info on building eco friendly single apt in a metal building?
    haven’t put up barn yet which way should it face? what side for windows? insulation?
    should i have a ridge vent if there is no attic? or turbines? any ideas on design? have two skylights
    its 20x34x18 tall. thinking about catching water off the roof instead of a well and have an enviro let composting toilet, and looking for recycled materials where ever possible.

    • ANSWER:
      There is process involved in planning as well. Siting facing “solar” south, allows for windows to maximize heat gain if that is desired, with modern energy codes, and energy windows, you get light in, but no heat gain you can exploit for area heat. The light is not adequate for most plants either.

      Use vapor barrier, or a soy based foam that does not require a vapor barrier once the studwalls are framed inside of the barn structure, and especially the roof- hire a certified contractor because steel roofs in a pole shed construction condense moisture on the underside. Ridgevent is often installed, but insulated roofs sometimes need some extra protections like a collection gutter inside the structure under the vent for windblown snow and rain. Turbine vents are noisy and should be avoided. Also consider using radiant barrier clad drywall for the interior walls.

      Other matters like drainage away from the building must be handled correctly to avoid problems, and plantings of trees and shrubs should be done to afford some protection from wind.

      As for rainwater collection, it can be done, but check with local codes and state laws because those will vary, and water rights issues come into play as well. Heat pumps are a good option for that area of the country, and should be eveluated. Geothermal distribution/collection can be installed later so budgets can be fit easier. Radiant floor heat is an options to consider, but leaks in floors are difficult to repair unless you do a floating floor that incorporates the radiant heat tubing over the concrete. There should be insulation under the concrete slab as well.

      A good site for resources is That one has good design ideas, and sometimes you can find useful info on the Department of Energy site.

      Also check the work any contractor or sub is doing. Check out their references for previous work and see what the caliber of work they do before anything is signed. There are crooks and incompetents out there.

    Project research – Eco-friendly building?
    Hello, let’s say I’m consturcting a tall office building (say 15 storeys). What can be done to reduce the bills and the energy consumption of the building? Especially in a place where it is hot all year round.

    Solar panels? Or garden roofs?

    More ideas? Anything will do, just ideas on an eco-friendly buillding. :)

    • ANSWER:
      the text of a great interview on this topic is available at

      Solar panels on the roof generate 20 percent of the building’s electricity. Toilets use a gallon less water per flush than conventional ones. The floors are made of easily replenished woods like bamboo and poplar. Ample skylights direct sunshine deep into the building and reduce reliance on electrical lighting.

    What kind of structural materials are best for building an eco-friendly house?
    Things for foundation,framing,and roof structure?

    • ANSWER:
      Use something all natural, like wood or bricks with mortar.

    suggestion for name for my eco-friendly building?
    it is a mid-rise building that is a mixed development(residential-commercial)

    it is designed to revolutionize the way these mixed use buildings are designed because it is more eco-friendly and supports/encourages residents to change their lifestyles to a more sustainable future.

    the first two floors are sleek and curving garden floors, with plants, curving concrete pathways and grass…this 2-level garden houses commercial establishments along a concrete pathway and doubles as a gallery that shows people in the community how we can take care of the environment and how beautiful and comfortable eco-buildings can be.

    the next 7 storeys are for the tenants of the development, it houses 1 bedroom, 2-3 bedroom, 3-4 bedroom (two floor) units…..the units have spaces that are flexible(can be expanded and configured in a number of ways) and has garden balconies 1.5m by 8m

    in a way this development is like this project in dallas –

    and the residential units look something like these mobile homes, very flexible and configured in a number of ways—

    please help me pick out a name for the building, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      i guess your another dumb person buyng into the GREEN hype. i can tell you I could care less about saving this world. i litter and not recycle, u want to know why? because the people next to me, the people down the street, the people next block etc… are doning the same thing. Your just dumb and wasting your money. I’m pretty sure that the world won’t end with our life time so WHO CARES!!!!

    Building a *green*/eco-friendly house. Where do I start?
    In the next 2-3 years my husband and I want to start building a house. We want to make it ecofriendly. We are planning on installing solar panals, but beyond that we are not sure what our option are. We would like some info on things we can do in the building process to save money and energy. If anyone has any tips/hint/suggestion/advice we would greatly appreciate it. Also, any great website suggesion would be appreciated too. Thanks, Stace

    • ANSWER:

    what is the best eco friendly material for building a house?
    what material do you recommend and appx. cost

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on the environment. Local resources are always a great place to start, but you need to understand the climate to know what will work best. If you look into what the natives used 200 years ago you will know what is readily available and what works well with the climate. In the dry hot southwest they used a lot of adobe brick, that has a natural ability to cool the interior, In the northeast they used thick wood and windows on the south side to allow the sun to heat during the winter. The placement of the building as well as windows for light, heat and ventilation make a bid difference.

    i need a eco friendly building plan such as solar panels or a underground water tank.?

    • ANSWER:
      If your water table is low enough then you can build your place underground! If the water table is too high (flood rooms) you can build it above ground but cover entirely with earth! Plant grass on it!

      Best is to hollow out a mountain and build inside it! This way you either get insulation from the earth or rocks – less heating and less cooling!

      Outside where you have access to sunlight you can use solar energy collectors. If you are out in the sticks you can also have wind power electricity generators too!

      Personally, for a mostly normal looking house I prefer concrete with very thick walls! Tornado and hurricane proof too! In areas of the country where there is little chance of freezing – you can have water tanks on the roof where the sun can heat the water for showers.

    whether the glass can be as eco friendly building? give me a reason and factor.. =)?

    • ANSWER:

    Eco-friendly Building?
    I know this isnt much to go on but would anyone happen to know the name of the Ecofriendly building (green building that I believe is located in NYC) that has a reverse water fountain running on the inside? I believe it uses the water from the fountin to supply electricity to the building. I saw it a long time ago on the news and I would like to do some research on it

    • ANSWER:
      You can take a look at these 3 buildings. All are eco-friendly, though I did not see any mention of a reverse water fountain perhaps it goes by a different name.

      There are also plans for many eco-friendly buildings that haven’t been bult yet. That may have been what was on the news.

    Kind Alfred, Hove building proposal- Will it be eco friendly?
    The King Alfred in Hove wanted to rebuild itself as a new flat/leisure Centre thing- I wanted to if the building they rejected planning permission for was going to be eco friendly?

    • ANSWER:
      I think you misunderstand what happened – the Council were minded to agree to the project but the developers have not taken anything forward with them (in the form of a 106 agreement). It is now out of time, and won’t happen. The buildings were not hailed as being particularly eco-friendly (there was some information set out in the sustainability report) but the proposal to build on a brownfield site, undoubtedly is.

    Are there any avail. Tax Credits to build a eco-friendly Commerical building in Los Angeles ?

    • ANSWER:
      The link below is a good start to learn about some of the federal tax credits / incentives for green construction or renovation. Some of the key aspects that will fast track to getting funding or tax relief include:

      *Soil Remediation
      *Water and / or air pollution controls
      *Alternative energy usage and design
      *Energy conservation equipment

      The last link is a breakdown of the benefits available in California for green construction county-by-county. While the state has a number of programs in place, there are even more incentives at the county level — depending on which county you are in.

    Cost effective energy efficient eco friendly home building techniques and materials?
    Within the next year my husband and I will be building a small home and we are considering incorporating as much energy saving and eco friendly materials and techniques as possible, but I’m having trouble sorting out all of the information I’m finding online. We are working with an extremely small budget, and we would like to do as much building on our own as possible with the help of our family.
    Can anybody give me a basic rundown on different building techniques that are 1) as cheap as possible while if possible also are 2)energy saving and 3)environmentally friendly.
    My first interest is figuring out a good foundation material/way of building and then framing but I’d be very grateful for any other information! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      For energy efficiency small, square houses are best with few windows, and those on the south side (if living in the north) or the north side (if living in the south). The march 2009 issue of National Geographic has a bunch of energy saving tips. I like the structural insulating panels that make up walls- very efficient, quick and easy to put up.

    Anyone have any good Ideas for Building an Eco-Friendly Home?
    Hey if any of you know any Archictects or just have good Ideas for Building an Eco-Friendly home (Sustainable Design) than please send it my way. My E-mail is
    Thank you!!

    • ANSWER:
      Aside from the stuff mentioned above, you should look into the building materials and energy efficiency of the home. Straw bale construction is widely celebrated, but there are also concrete molds made from recycled Styrofoam that provide most of the same benefits. Look for designs with good insulation, passive use of solar energy and the like. You can get some good ideas by looking up the commercial building LEED codes.

    What would make the ultimate eco friendly building? Design, parts, location, etc.?
    Example: Warehouse like the obscenely large Wal-Mart DC near where I live with a green roof or brown roof. ( Maybe even wind power turbines built on the roof too. Natural landscaping around it ( Solar panels built into the car ports in the parking lot with places to plug in electric cars. Water reclimation catacombs beneath the parking lot.
    re-use of grey water is a great idea too.

    • ANSWER:
      My grandfathers house is built into the side of a hill- 6 feet or so of dirt over the top with the front all windows. It keeps itself above freezing all winter even with no heat on. He wired it with large diameter copper wire, so saves as much as the extra thick wire cost every 7 months or so since there is less resistance in the wire. He uses rain water caught on a shed for all but drinking, and grey water from the shower for the toilet.

    Your ideas for building and decorating Eco-friendly?
    Tell me your answers of what you have done or would do have a more Eco-friendly home and how would you decorate it? Please use as much detail as possible and try to use ideas you know are Eco-friendly. Like no Excessive lighting and hundreds of windows.

    • ANSWER:
      Great idea!! I think the best building material is stone. It doesn’t need paint. It’s termite proof, and don’t create the need for pesticides needed to get rid of termites. It stands up to wind, and storms better. It insulates better, and with added inside insulation it”s even more energy efficient. The wall facing to the north could be all glass, and would let in direct sunlight, and would make you home look spectacular. You could make this wall of a combination of glass bricks and window glass. You could even put led lights (uses less electricity) under you glass wall , illuminating it. Sky lights in the ceiling that are deep, let’s in less direct sunlight, unless you actually want more of it, depending on where you live. Have you ever heard of sky lights made with angel light? It filters out the sunlight, and prevents heat from being emitted through those sky lights during summer months, when you are looking to keep the interior of your home cool.

    Which is better buying a house then turn it to eco friendly or have a house build eco friendly?
    We are looking for the better way to have a eco friendly house. We want to be off the grid, refers to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. Which state is the best to live off the grid?

    • ANSWER:
      Take an old inefficient house, tear it down. Then build a new one. I’m not kidding. Stripping and remodeling an old house is a huge challenge. It takes less work to simply build a new house on the old foundation.

      I would suggest buying a small farmette. For an off the grid house you should be looking at having some distance from your neighbors so your electrical generation doesn’t cause complaints. Modest sized windmills tend to be loud. It would take 50 thousand in solar panels for a small family to live off grid. And you should think about a gas or propane powered generator as a backup system.

    Can anyone name an eco-friendly condo building in NYC?
    I heard Leo DiCaprio bought one…no I don’t wanna stalk him!

    It’s in the Battery Park City area of Manhattan and overlooks the Hudson River?

    • ANSWER:
      There are several eco-friendly residential buildings down there, including the Solaire, the Visionaire, and the Riverhouse… Leo bought a place in the Riverhouse.

    Does anyone know of any company’s or anyone interested in building eco friendly homes in North Yorkshire?
    or South Durham

    • ANSWER:
      I guess you must be a millionaire – perhaps Footballer or ‘Pop Star’ … ask your ‘advisers’ (I’m sure they can find you want you need for a fee :-) )

      For anyone else – visit some of the ‘Self Build’ web sites (below) and join a Self Build Forum …. make some contacts with people already “doing it” in your area to learn from their experience and to locate decent Architects & Buliders … most Architects will be willing to design to your own eco-friendly requirements – of course everything will be more expensive that just following the standard guidelines.

      NB. you could check out Timber Frame options – but take into account that a Mortgage may be difficult to find (and the house may be difficult to sell).

    How do I build and eco-friendly city?
    In our science class we have to build a city that is eco friendly, for location we are using Hawaii. We want to use solar energy and hydroelectric energy for our town. Is there anything else we can do to make it more ‘green’?

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely look at wave power as an energy solution. It would seem to be a good choice for an island.

      Also look into “green rooofing”, which is basically planting grass and plant life on the roofs of buildings. This is useful for air quality, keeps urban temperatures lower (see Heat Island Effect), could be used to grow useful plants, and can catch fresh water for use while preventing excessive runoff from dirty urban areas.

      Does bamboo grow in Hawaii? Find out. Bamboo is a great renewable material because it grows so fast, and you can make a surprising amount of stuff with it.

    Name firms who build an eco-friendly image and grew from a small company in one of the largest firms?
    Name some firms who build an eco-friendly image and grew from a small company in one of the largest in its market segment.
    For example, a firm used to be very small. However, once they started producing “go green” produce they became very famous and powerful. Please name at least one firm who meets these criterias

    • ANSWER:
      my milkshake brings all da boys to da yard

    I’m designing an Eco Friendly house but i havn’t a clue what to do – Know any Websites?
    I need some help, i am thinking of building an Eco friendly house (i wouldn’t be actually building it, i would be designing it) Thing is i don’t have a clu what you need in a house to make it Eco Friendly. I know you need solar pannals but what eles. Is there any website that would help me

    • ANSWER:
      There is loads of information out there – you should start with the basics – orientation of the house where the main spaces are. What kind of energy systems you will want to use and what natural advantages your site has to offer. You should ideally use an architect – as ‘geen’ solutions are popular there are a lot of charlatans around and sticking solar panels wily-nilly on your house may not go down well wiht the planners. You need proper professional advice as building involves spending big money – you still get to design it but your architect will be able to advise you what is workable and what is not.

    Building an Eco-friendly house for a class project. NEED HELP!!?
    I only get 0,000 and the house has to have three bedrooms and will be ranch style.
    I need to find the cheapest but most Eco-friendly options of the following..
    -Exterior covering
    -location of house and cost of land
    -type of windows, size of windows, number of windows
    -type of insulation (how does hay/straw sound?)
    -source of water, disposal of wastewater
    -source of electricity
    -kind of heating (if needed. Buying land in a place with a fair climate would be ideal)
    -type of roofing (clay?)
    -orientation of the entrance (N, S, E, W)

    • ANSWER:
      There is no way out, the damage is already done, we can’t do anything about it, we are all going to die due to global warming, instead of building an eco-friendly house, pray to God.

      Good luck.

    eco frendly building materials???
    I have a project to build an Eco friendly house and i want a really good grade to keep me in top set and i don’t know of any Eco friendly building materials for outside walls (instead of using brick).

    it doesn’t matter how expensive it is or how hard it is to find i just need to know


    • ANSWER:
      Have you seen ‘Grand Designs’ with Kevin McCloud? There were a few eco houses on there.

      You could go for stylish sleek materials like reclaimed wood, or more raw materials, using things like straw bails and clay.

    What career for a person interested in Green ECo-friendly architecture?
    I am a undecided freshman UCSD considering major options. An interest I have is eco friendly archtecture and alternative building materials. In high school I designed an earth sheltered home and a strawbale home for an Environmental Science class and I found it a lot of fun. What would I major in i were to pursue a career in this field? and what careers are available? I know it is a growing trend as the environment is degrading and i would like to do everything I can to help.

    • ANSWER:
      Look into the resources at the U.S. Green Building Council

      About USGBC

      The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a non-profit organization committed to expanding sustainable building practices. USGBC is composed of more than 13,500 organizations from across the building industry that are working to advance structures that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work. Members includes building owners and end-users, real estate developers, facility managers, architects, designers, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, product and building system manufacturers, government agencies, and nonprofits.

    Any suggestions for materials to use for building an eco-friendly house?
    I’m planning to build a house (about 1400 square feet) that will hopefully be mostly off the power grid. What sorts of non-toxic building materials and (or) viable forms of sustainable energy generating sources for heating, cooling, and lighting a house can you recommend? I already have a cabin in the woods with kerosene lanterns, a fire place, and a wood burning stove.
    Bamboo is an excellent material (for flooring)…but quartz crystals? You may be on to something. Atlanteans supposedly used quartz to harness energy…but that technology is lost to us now, if in fact it ever existed.

    • ANSWER:
      I have been where you are now – and after realizing we could not tolerate conventional building materials.

      Check out the following page on Energy efficient home design for some starter design ideas….

      I also love the passive solar heating plans, and the arrangement for passive cooling.

      There is a lot of info on house systems/foundation options/siding/flooring/etc. on the same site.

      Congrats on your project – and I hope you’re very pleased with the results!

    Is it cheaper to build a eco friendly house?
    We had a regular house built and I was amazed at the chemicals in everything. I didn’t think we could afford to build a green one. We spent about 250,000 on the house. I already had the land. Could I have built a green house that was a decent size for that price?

    • ANSWER:
      “Green house” and “decent size” should not be used in the same context. Much of the energy we use in our houses is due to the fact that they are much larger than we really need.

      Here is an example of affordable green housing:

      These houses cost 40-50% more to build, but they save that and more over their lifetime.

      All of the concepts used in that house could be used in any new house, regardless of price. But the first principle in saving energy is to think small.


    Eco friendly Buildings?
    I need a list of jobs i need to be able to start an eco friendly building company
    For example: designers, architects, painters, etc

    • ANSWER:
      you must looking for the designers or architects who make the design able to eco friendly and eco green building.

    Can anybody suggest some eco-friendly uses of glass in construction?
    I’m looking to conduct a case study on a building that exemplifies and eco-friendly use of glass.

    If anybody has any suggestions it’d be great. Please say why you think it is ecologically friendly!

    • ANSWER:
      greenhouse and atrium windows
      solar heat glass bricks

    what are eco-friendly materials used in building?
    the materials should be strong and reliable

    • ANSWER:
      eco-friendly means different things to different people. To some it means only using trees that died of natural causes, to some it means not using fossil fuels, to some it means using things produced locally to minimize transportation and fuel usage, to some it means using solar power instead of buying electricity form the grid.

      This is a pretty general question.

    can you recommend a book on eco-friendly self-build techniques?

    - as up-to-date as possible,and relevant to uk

    • ANSWER:
      Lot’s of tips in building magazines.

    Eco-home building consultants-any interest in A service like this?
    We are concidering opening A business to service people intrested in building Eco-friendly/energy efficient self sustaining homes/homesteads.
    We would be able to help prospective clients through all the stages required to build an Eco-home from contracting with an architect ,obtaining favorable financing,choosing appropriate building materials for their area,hiring sub-contractors,etc. helping them to build thier Eco-home in the city or country using planet friendly resources, and ultimately saving alot of money when they “manage” the project themselves (with our guidance)and long term energy savings as well.
    our charge to the customer would run at about 5% of the project cost, but the savings on the project over all can run as high as 25% to 30% off of what A comparable standard site-build home.

    polling to see if there would be enough intrest out there to pursue this idea
    I have not asked this ? before.
    Most of this is not “common sence” The average person has no idea where or how to start A project to build thier own home,with out A general contractor who will charge on average in excess of 25% of the project cost.
    As for the cost on my fee, the idea is modeled after the local & national companies that already run these companies (and have successfully for 20+ years at A cost higher than my estimate)
    My spin however is that mine is geared toward environmentaly concious people,who want to build sustainable homes

    • ANSWER:
      I would think people would love the idea of building their own eco-home. I would also think they would contact a company like yours because it sounds as if it would help them from start to finish with the process. I started a company (no competition) that helps people with the home buying/selling process so that they have a better understanding of where the agent, lenders and everyone is coming from.
      I’m all for helping the little guy in these transactions because people need to be able to rely on someone or some company for honest and reliable sources.

    How would you build an eco-friendly skyscraper?
    It must be 150 storys high.

    • ANSWER:
      I would have thought that no skyscraper is eco-friendly.

    How Much does it cost to build an ECO Friendly house?
    In Connecticut…

    • ANSWER:
      depends on the size, but a little more than regular construction “in Connecticut”.

    i need a list website anything of eco-friendly products that could be used to build a casino any info would be appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      a very neat site for green products

    any ideas to build eco friendly dog house shelter?
    i have black lab pup, doesnt like midday sun, we walk early morning and late evening. midday she could use a shelter for sun and rain, some cool weather too. i want to make it eco friendly and use some of the ton of recycleable materials if possible..i already have some shingles from the neighbor, some wood 2×2′s and lots of plastics and such, by the end of summer when the landlord put s on new siding i plan to keep some of the old and make it more cold weather proof, she does not stay out all day she is our family too…. but when she is out i want to give her the best i can.. we have a very large fenced yard so lots of room to work in. we also have lots of patio stones. i had to remove all the pea gravel though since she was eating it.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want eco friendly, consider making a dog house/retreat out of hay bales. Before you laugh, it is a growing fad in the housing industry in California–for people. The bales of hay are excellent, excellent insulators and cheaper than anything else you could buy. You basically enclose the hay bales with your finishing materials, but the bales provide insulation and structure. I am going to add a couple of links for you to check it out. I personally don’t think I would like this for my own home, but for a dog, it would be beyond perfect–you could even put the bales in the floor to insulate the structure from the ground. Good luck!

      You can always do a websearch to see if there are plans specifically for dog houses. If I had to build a kennel, this is the way I would go.

      PS–just did a search and found this link–check it out!

    Is there any unique/fancy eco-friendly slogan for a resort?
    I am working on a project of building an eco-friendly resort on an island, and I need a fancy appealing slogan that reflects the eco-friendly image. Can anyone help pliz??

    • ANSWER:
      Save the planet, save your smile…..Relax at ??? Resort

      Make the right choice, you won’t be the only grateful one.

      They love it; you love it! Welcome to ??? Resort

      In harmony wit the planet (or nature), in love with your holiday at ??? Resort!

      It’s Eco-friendly, but that’s only half the good news – this is ??? Resort!

    How would you build your Eco-friendly Home?
    Just give me whatever you can come up with your on own. I’m really looking for answers of How you would take everything that’s available and apply to a House that you were going to Build (custom Home). Like say Energy Efficient appliances and Solar Panels and Composting toilets. Simple right?

    • ANSWER:
      I built my home out of straw bales, recycled wood, cob, light straw clay and urbanite (recycled concrete). I have the bucket type composting toilet and and an earthen floor. The only thing not recycled are some brackets, a few bags of concrete to mortar the urbanite, a tube of caulking, an outdoor electric panel and most of the plumbing.
      If it were more available and cost efficient I would have used recycled tire composite roofing. If I did not live in a place cloudy most of the time I might have sprung for a solar panel, instead I opted to buy only “green”power form my electric company.
      For grey water I made a small pond from where I dug a hole to soak the clay for the cob and lightstrawclay.
      I used passive solar design and placed windows for specific lighting and venting reasons.
      I built on a site that had invasive plants and in a high density older nieghborhood, planting trees and the small living roof to help replenish the site.
      We use an on demand water heater and a pellet stove. I would liked to have run the house off an on demand oil heater so I could use bio home fuel but they only come in the larger size and the house is very small.
      Some books I liked best were the hand sculpted house and a new one I think called green building, which was cool because it used a lot of the same things we did and would have been very helpful when we were figuring it all out.
      If you have any questions give me a write.

    I am interested in learning more about Eco-Friendly Construction.?
    Is there something I could study in school to learn more about this? I would like to build Eco-Friendly houses.

    • ANSWER:
      A quick search on the net and i found a BSc Hons at Plymouth University (UK) about Environmental Construction Surveying
      link below

      hope this helps,
      I have not done this course so i dont know exactly what it is like but it sounds very similar to what you said you were interested in.

    Who should design my green/eco friendly home 30 Ml west of Portland, OR?
    We want to have built a solar/green/eco friendly home about 30 miles west of Portland, Oregon, in the country. I need an architect who is not too fancy and doesn’t overcharge, but is competent, has contacts, experienced, and good ideas for folks who choose not the mainstream but something beautiful and unique. We want the house built only to sheetrock as we want to do much of the inside/finishing work ourselves. We read Mother Earth Mag and like the back-to-basics things we see in there. We would rather have quality than quantity and love the wood/rock/metal combination with earthy tones. Budget is 0,000 max including permits, etc. Already have well, electricity, and septic on site.

    • ANSWER:
      ask local architects for recommendations…it won’t cost a dime. they are professional and you can interview them to check their experience.

      BTW, sheetrock?

    How could u build an ECO-friendly stall.?
    i need to know how i could build an eco-friendly stall at the twenty ten world cup for a project i am ding, could you please give me some suggestions on how to do this.

    • ANSWER:
      Note that I am assuming that you are in the UK

      Well, it needs to be able to withstand any weather, so it needs to be a fairly good shelter, and recycled wood – for the uprights – would be one place to start – see link below.

      You’ll need some sort out awning/tarpaulin, so, again, a recycled cover would help – see link below.

      For the stall table you could see if you can beg or borrow the use of a trestle, or maybe build one, again, using recycled wood and textiles, hinges and some recycled board. try not to use MDF, it isn’t as eco-friendly as timber.

      If you use bolts and butterfly nuts, instead of ails, the whole thing can be taken apart and reused, nails would spoil the wood.

      Finally, for signs etc., you could use textiles again, and eco-friendly textile paints – sorry, had a search on, but no joy, ask in your local shops whether they have any that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Alternatively, print/write signs on paper and staple them onto the wood.

      Good luck! :o )