Benefits Of Going Green For The Environment

Benefits of Going Green your source for green living

Why should hotels consider going green? What are the benefits and how can it be achieved?

A hotel uses a surprising amount of energy and a medium sized hotel can really impact on the environment. From washing, to electricity to waster disposal, there are many things that a hotel does which can potentially be damaging to the environment. There are many simple things that hotels can do to reduce their impact and educate people about how they can save energy. For example, some hotels have signs up in bathrooms reminding customers to re-use towels if possible in order to save energy. They can also use equipment that saves water and limited the amount of energy used. Not only does this help the environment but it can also potentially save a hotel thousands of pounds a year.

Hotels should also be encouraged to use recycling and waste management schemes to manage the large amount of waste that they produce. There are also a few products that staff and managers use that can be recycled several times.

Simple things can also make a big difference when it comes to the day to day running of a hotel. Making sure that all plugs, switches, lights and appliances are switched off when a room is not is use is a simple task but it is certainly very important. Some hotels may choose to install dimmers on light switches because customers don’t always need full lighting when they are in their room.

Another easy way to limit a hotels impact on the environment is simply to buy things in bulk. When making orders for amenities, food, drink and equipment it is best to buy as much as possible at once.

Another reason why hotels should consider going green is because customers are beginning to appreciate hotels that care for the environment more and more. Many guests will prefer to use organic, fair trade, and environmentally friendly products during their stay. There is certainly a significant audience of people that hotels can be appealed to by being green and environmentally friendly. This can be a great way to differentiate a hotel from the competition and portray a modern image.